Hannah approached me with a desire for a brand identity that differentiated her from the growing number of florists based in Wagga Wagga. She already had a strong and memorable business name but lacked a distinctive identity that represented her values of sustainability and locally-sourced floristry.
With a fascination for knowing where things come from, Hannah built strong rapports with local flower growers and discovered an untapped abundance of produce. Recognising the opportunity to create a more sustainable and holistic approach, Hannah committed to using locally grown flowers, practicing conscious floristry with minimal plastic and flower miles, and fostering a transparent and supportive community with local growers. This ethos became the foundation for her new brand identity.
As a result, we refreshed her brand across social media with a playful, hand drawn brand mark to reflect Hannah's down-to-earth nature and holistic, hands-on approach to floristry. We paired this with a suite of hand drawn illustrations that represent each of her services and offerings. The colour palette was inspired by her bold and colourful designs, all of which use locally grown flowers and foliage from the Riverina and Snowy Valley regions.
"Thank you so much Lynette for everything, you have really encapsulated everything that I wanted in branding. It feels so watertight if that makes sense!"
Hannah Brell - Bloss Floristry
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